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Stephen Moore Rips Biden’s Slow Pace in Reopening the Economy

Policy and Government

At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore rips Biden’s slow pace in reopening the economy.

At the Independent Institute, Craig Eyermann argues that Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus will act as a drag on economic growth in the long-term.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Ramon P. DeGennaro argues in favor of leaving choices about pandemic restrictions to the free market.

At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux defends Scott Atlas.

At The Daily Signal, Doug Badger asks, has the pandemic forever altered our views about the proper role of government?


At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow explains the importance of tax cuts in generating growth.


At the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Ryan Young makes the case for why Facebook’s antitrust case should be dropped.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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