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Free Money, Free Health Care, Free Child Care, Free Burial Services, Tax-Free Unemployment Benefits…

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #242
1) Free Money, Free Health Care, Free Child Care, Free Burial Services, Tax-Free Unemployment Benefits…

Our mission with the Hotline is NOT to depress you, but we thought this five-minute video starring AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is a cold shower reminder of what we are up against. She joyfully boasts of all the free money and endless giveaways stuffed in the $2 trillion “COVID Relief Bill.” Perhaps most distressing of all is her pout at the end of the video that we didn’t “get everything we wanted,” but she promises that the nanny state is going to get bigger and bigger because Congress is just getting started doling out free everything. 

2) Warp Speed Saved America $1.8 Trillion

We’ve said it one thousand times: the real economic stimulus is the vaccine. (Not the insane $2 trillion spending bill.)

Former Trump economist and CTUP fellow Casey Mulligan calculates that Operation Warp Speed and prior Trump initiatives to accelerate vaccine and drug development at the FDA accelerated the COVID vaccines by six months. That’s a conservative estimate.    

The COVID vaccine was a triumph of the Trump deregulation initiatives that predated the virus. Mulligan notes: “Prior to COVID, Trump insisted prophetically that the best way to combat the next global pandemic was by accelerated vaccine development. FDA barriers would need to be removed.”

That was the key to Warp Speed. Mulligan and another Trump economist, Tomas Philipson, estimate that the six-month acceleration of the COVID vaccine was worth $1.8 trillion in terms of lives saved and medical costs avoided.  

They estimate Warp Speed saved some 180,000 American lives – not to mention the millions of lives saved from this killer virus across the planet.

You wouldn’t know any of this from Joe Biden’s classless speech on Thursday night when he hogged the credit for a vaccine that was authorized three months BEFORE he entered office. There is virtually no difference in the pace of vaccine distribution under Biden versus Trump.

You can watch this video to learn the whole amazing story. 

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