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Stephen Moore Rips Biden’s Spending Proposals and Electric Car Plan

Taxes and Spending

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore rips Biden’s spending proposals and electric car plan.

At Rasmussen Reports, Moore opines that ‘Americans are getting ripped off and Congress is failing to do anything about it.’

At Fox Business, Moore calls Biden’s fiscal policies ‘lunatic.’

At the Fremont News Messenger, Moore makes the case that ‘leftists have used the pandemic to bankrupt the United States.’

At Fox Business, Art Laffer expresses concern that Biden’s policies are hurting growth.

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow praises the Reagan tax cuts.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes argues that ‘Biden could learn from the Reagan tax cuts.’

Regulation and Policymaking

At Fox Business, Stephen Moore apprises that the White House is in crisis.

At Newsmax, Moore warns that the ‘economy is running out of steam.’

At the Washington Examiner, Moore sits down for a conversation revolving around the current state of the economy.

At Fox News, Phil Kerpen sits down with Laura Ingraham to break down new COVID-19 numbers.

At Fox Business, Tucker Carlson reports on Kerpen’s analysis of CDC data on COVID-19 deaths among children.

At Fox Business, Steve Forbes slams De Blasio’s COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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