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Where Did The Left Get That $100 Million?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #352
1) Where Did The Left Get That $100 Million?

You may recall that we reported a few weeks ago that a caravan of left wing “social justice” groups will launch a $100 million lobbying/advertising campaign to seek passage of the monstrous $3.5 trillion Biden spending bill.

We can’t get this story out of our heads. Where do these leftist groups come up with that kind of money? George Soros? Tom Steyer? Silicon Valley CEOs? Well, yes. But not $100 million.

The answer is as plain as the nose on our faces. The union bosses, the climate change industrial complex, the welfare lobby, the teachers unions, and the rest of the team are so flush with cash from the billions of dollars they snatched from the $1.9 trillion Recovery Act, that $100 million is sitting in the petty cash drawer. (We’ve already doled out $100 billion for the schools that have been shutdown, and it’s doubtful much of that has made it into the actual classroom.) These groups are directing those funds to lobby for hundreds of billions more.

It’s the most expensive “pay to play” scheme in world history. Spending $100 million to get another $10 or $100 billion from taxpayers is a smart investment. Yes, we know the old comeback that it is illegal to use federal dollars for lobbying. But an iron rule of finance and politics is that money is fungible.

The way to stop this scam is to pass a law that was first proposed in the Gingrich revolution in the mid-1990s which would prevent recipients of federal grants, loans, contracts, etc., from lobbying for more federal dollars.

You can take federal money. Or you can lobby. But you can’t do both. It’s time to stop welfare for lobbyists. 
2) Is Even Yankee Connecticut Seeing Red?

More Signs of the anti-Biden surge:

This Tuesday, Connecticut Republican Ryan Fazio defeated Democrat Alexis Gevanter by 2.5 points to win back a state senate seat the GOP lost in 2018. The district, made up of parts of Stamford, New Canaan, and Greenwich, had shifted to the left. Hillary Clinton won it by 18 points in 2018 and Biden won by a stunning 25 points last November.

Democrats are well aware the race could become part of a national trend. The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee warned in a Sunday e-mail that “If we lose districts like this, ALL of our gains since 2018 could be at risk.”

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