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Stephen Moore says that the coronavirus vaccine will set up a “blockbuster” economy in 2021

Policy and Government

Per Yahoo! News, “Stephen Moore says that the coronavirus vaccine will set up a ‘blockbuster’ economy in 2021.”

Per Reason, “a California judge this week blocked enforcement of state and local orders prohibiting dining in San Diego County restaurants, finding no evidence that such bans help curtail the COVID-19 epidemic.”

Per Bloomberg, there has been a deal reached in Congress for a $900 billion pandemic relief bill.

Per EdSource, “school districts balk at California’s new Covid worker safety regulations.”


At the Cato Institute, David J. Bier gives us “Deregulating Legal Immigration: A Blueprint for Agency Action.”

Monetary Policy

Per The Hill, a deal has been reached that “will sweep out the $429 billion in unspent CARES Act funding for the Federal Reserve’s credit lending facilities and repurpose it as an offset for a new $900 billion coronavirus relief bill,” “close four Federal Reserve credit lending facilities created by the CARES Act,” and “prevent the Fed from standing up replica facilities in the future without congressional approval.”

Per Bloomberg, Janet Yellen is facing pressure to back a strong dollar.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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