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Stephen Moore Tears Into Biden’s Tax Hike Proposals, Calling Them a ‘Wet Blanket’ for the Economy


At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore tears into Biden’s tax hike proposals, calling them a ‘wet blanket’ for the economy.

At the Independent Women’s Forum, Phil Kerpen joins with dozens of others in calling on members of Congress to avoid imposing a carbon tax in any form.

At Fox Business (via YouTube), Edward Stringham skewers Biden’s tax hike proposals.

Policy and Government

At the Cato Institute, Peter Van Doren explains why “follow the science” has become a troubling misnomer.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Phillip W. Magness makes the case that models that were used to justify lockdowns ultimately failed to track with reality.

At the Cato Institute, Trevor Burrus analyzes a major property rights case that is now before the Supreme Court.


At the Cato Institute, David J. Bier fact checks the ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats about the crisis at the border.

Monetary Policy

At Alt-M, George Selgin breaks down a new paper by Larry White that demonstrates that private gold coinage in the United States during the 19th century did not lead to widespread currency debasement.

Photo Credit: Biden For President

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