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Stephen Moore warns that “Biden’s agenda will slow the rate of growth”

Policy and Government

At 97.1 FM Talk, Stephen Moore warns that “Biden’s agenda will slow the rate of growth.”

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Phillip W. Magness lays bare the weak arguments behind calls for the United States to emulate countries in the Pacific in dealing with the pandemic.

Per Forbes, the World Bank is sounding the alarm on the potential for soaring national debts worldwide to trigger an economic calamity.

Per NBC 7 San Diego, 25 gyms are suing the County of San Diego over their pandemic restrictions.

Per Reason, “New York lawmakers are mulling a bill that would allow the state to detain anyone carrying or suspected of carrying a contagious disease that makes them a “significant threat to public health.””

Monetary Policy

Per The Hill, Trump has re-nominated Judy Shelton to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

At CNBC, Jeff Cox articulates “why the Fed’s inflation push could turn from friend to foe for the market this year.”

Image Credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

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