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Stephen Moore Warns that Wall Street Will Leave New York If the State’s Tax-And-Spend Policies Continue

Taxes and Spending

At Fox Business, Stephen Moore warns that Wall Street will leave New York if the state’s tax-and-spend policies continue.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes breaks down all the ways the Biden administration plans to tax us out of prosperity.

At the Cato Institute, Chris Edwards skewers Biden’s proposed corporate tax increase.

Regulations and Policymaking

At The North State Journal, Stephen Moore argues that the downfall of Chile is a warning to the United States.

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow makes the case that current economic growth is due to Trump’s policies and urges Biden not to change course.

At The Wall Street Journal, the editorial board eulogizes Robert Mundell, one of the fathers of supply-side economics.


At the Cato Institute, Simon Lester and Huan Zhu analyze how the courts are dealing with the federal government citing national security concerns as justification for restricting trade.

Monetary Policy

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Richard M. Ebeling warns of dangerous monetary manipulations and fiscal follies.

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