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Steve Forbes Asks, is Our Economy Headed for Trouble

Policy and Government

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes asks, is our economy headed for trouble?

At National Review, Art Laffer joins David L. Bahnsen to discuss 50 years of evolution in economic thought.

At National Review, Steve H. Hanke warns against devaluing the dollar.

At The Daily Signal, Andy Puzder explains why job creation will reduce poverty, while a minimum wage increase will not.

At Reason, Steven Greenhut makes the case that Gavin Newsom’s order banning the sale of non-electric cars after 2035 is empty virtue signaling.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Paul E. Alexander, Howard C. Tenenbaum, Ramin Oskoui, and Parvez Dara dispute the CDC’s new study on mask mandates.

Free Trade

At the Cato Institute, Inu Manak and Scott Lincicome argue that national security concerns should not be used as justification for protectionism.


At the Cato Institute, David J. Bier explores the proposed path to citizenship for Dreamers included in the American Dream and Promise Act.

Photo Credit: JeepersMedia

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