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The Senate’s Shame

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #236
03/05/2021, 03/06/2021, 03/07/2021
1) The Senate’s Shame
On Friday the February blockbuster jobs report was released with more than 400,000 private sector jobs created (almost triple what had been expected), big wage gains, a huge rebound in the battered leisure and hospitality industries, and a massive upward revision of the January numbers bring job creation since January up one-half million.  The unemployment rate of 6.2% is about half of what most economists thought it would be back in July when Pelosi came up with her $1.9 trillion potion of economic arsenic.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden who are hell bent on careening the American economy over a fiscal cliff. What these numbers proved conclusively was that thanks to the Trump operation Warp Speed vaccines, the “stimulus” bill is a Godzillian waste of money. So the Dems pretended the report never happened, or in Biden’s case, disparaged the good news.
Then within 24 hours, every Democrat in the United States Senate voted lockstep like a parade of robotic Chinese soldiers to approve the $2 trillion Bernie Sanders bill, which we estimate will reduce employment by about 5 million jobs over the next several months.
We noted last week how pathetic the modern-day Democratic party has become that only two of 221 House Democrats voted against this assault against fiscal sanity. Senate Democrats are even worse. Not one broke ranks with Schumer.  We don’t know if this was cowardice on the part of the 50 Democrats or mere economic illiteracy.  We’re not even sure which explanation is worse. 

Here is a link to see how your Senators voted:
 2) It Took Ten Hours to Read the Bill!
Three cheers to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who believed the monstrosity of the 628-page COVID-19 spending bill deserved some more publicity. So he forced the Senate clerks to read aloud the entire bill. That procedure took 10 hours and 43 minutes.

Senators had 10 hours to listen to the bill being read aloud before they start the 20 hours of debate time scheduled for the legislation.  We doubt a single Democrat listened or has any idea what they voted for. Perhaps they will, in the famous words of Nancy Pelosi after Obamacare passed, find out what’s in it “after we vote for it.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seethed:

“Even liberal experts admit this is far out of proportion to what’s needed now, with vaccines going into arms and the economy already primed to roar back,” he said. “Amazingly, Democrats managed to allocate less than 9 percent of their massive bill to the entire health care response, and less than 1 percent to the vaccinations that will finish this fight.”

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