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Steve Forbes Gives His Thoughts on the GameStop Trading Frenzy

Policy and Government

On What’s Ahead, Steve Forbes discusses the GameStop trading frenzy. 

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore argues that Biden’s policies put America last and will damage the economy.

At Fox News, Larry Kudlow says that when it came to policy, Trump was a brilliant and consequential president.

At National Review, Zhonette Brown warns of the potential for environmental activists within the Biden administration to utilize sue-and-settle tactics.

At The Daily Signal, James M. Roberts asks, will Biden force taxpayers to fund a massive International Monetary Fund bailout of China?

Free Trade

At the Cato Institute, Scott Lincicome makes the case that anti-dumping laws have done little to protect domestic industries.

Monetary Theory

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Joakim Book rips Modern Monetary Theory.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Peter C. Earle argues that American monetary policy is fostering a high-risk environment for investment.

At Reason, Alex Gladstein argues that Bitcoin is a bulwark for human rights.

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