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Steve Forbes: Herbert Hoover’s presidency has an urgent relevance.

Policy and Government

At, Steve Forbes writes Herbert Hoover’s presidency has an urgent relevance.

On Fox Business, John Tamny says Trump’s tariffs protect a microscopic industry at the expense of every American.

In the NY Sun, Seth Lipsky observes how Gary Cohn blocked the monetary reform needed to create a more level trading field for American manufacturers — on which Candidate Trump campaigned — and how informal Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, who has a firm appreciation of the power of monetary policy, would make a superb successor to Cohen as chair of the National Economic Council.

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek makes the case for free trade.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny discusses the contradiction in Warren Buffet’s giving pledge.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny reviews Carl Schramm’s ‘Burn the Business Plan’.


From G Coin, Ralph Benko, citing Aesop’s fable of The Hare and the Tortoise, says gold is slow and steady and when tokenized on the blockchain will tortoiselike win the race over hare-like cryptocurrencies.

On CNBC, JP Morgan co-president Daniel Pinto says inflation is a concern to markets.


Investor’s Business Daily reports Democrats want another Obama-style stimulus package.

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