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Policy and Government

From Newsmax, Stephen Moore writes the Trump effect has put America back on top.

Juliegrace Bruflke at The Hill reports that the White House will back both the Goodlatte restrictionist immigration bill and Leadership’s much more generous Dreamers + Wall + Ending the visa lottery + Limits on family-based immigration approach. Specifics expected this week.

The LA Times reports that Tim Draper’s effort to split California into three states makes it on to the California ballot.

AEI shares the video of James Grant’s recent lecture on the life and times of Walter Bagehot.


From, Nathan Lewis explains what’s happening to the Argentinian peso.


Steve Forbes: Internet sales tax would be fatal to small businesses.

Phil Kerpen says Democrats net neutrality plan is about raising taxes.


In the New York Times, Stephen Moore explains why the AT&T/Time Warner merger is great for consumers.