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Steve Forbes: The U.S. can beat China without becoming like China.

Policy and Government

Steve Forbes: The U.S. can beat China without becoming like China.

From Fox News, Alfredo Ortiz says AOC doesn’t get economics.

At Project Syndicate, a comprehensive overview of the Sorry State of the Dismal Science, “Economics has long drawn criticism for its academic insularity, claims of objective truth, and privileged influence in policymaking circles. But now that economists rank among the least-trusted professions, it’s time for the high priests to do some soul searching.”

Max Gulker at the American Institute of Economic Research provides an assessment of the first year of the trade war:

“”I am a Tariff Man,” tweeted President Donald J. Trump on December 4, 2018, putting a strange exclamation point on a year in which the President followed through on the protectionist rhetoric he cultivated since the 2016 campaign. Making good on this campaign promise, however, harmed virtually all Americans while failing to positively impact the industries supposedly being protected.”

The NY Times frets anxiously about the effects of too much prosperity getting ready to immerse San Francisco.

At, Steve Hanke says President Trump should get real on trade.


From Mercatus, Scott Sumner and Patrick Horan dissect MMT.

At, Nathan Lewis explains why gold is still the best basis for money


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore mocks the Democrats’ $100 trillion agenda.

Roll Call: Navy wastes money on ‘epically shoddy’ ships.

Photo Credit: Gerd Eichmann

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