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The NY Times remembers Alan Krueger.

Policy and Government

The New York Times among many others reports the tragic death of labor economist Alan Krueger whose work included challenging the insidious use of non-compete agreements to suppress wages and challenging the abuse of occupational licensing rules:

“’It was the ability to be both interesting and credible — that was his great gift,’ said Lawrence H. Summers, who taught Mr. Krueger at Harvard and later worked with him in the Obama administration.”

The New Yorker devotes 10,000+ words to Arron Banks, the money-man behind Brexit.

Vident Financial discusses Apple and the retail apocalypse.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says Martin Wolf’s policies would lead to secular stagnation.


In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn says President Trump should index capital gains for inflation.


On CNBC, CEA Chair Kevin Hasset discusses President Trump’s budget.

In The Atlantic, visionary health policy guru Zeke Emanuel says that “Medicare for All” is politically impractical:

Sanders’s Medicare for all would put almost all private insurance companies out of business—or diminish them to runts. These companies manage more than $1 trillion in revenue per year and cover more than 175 million Americans. For Sanders and his supporters, the prospect of putting nearly all those companies out of business is a major attraction of Medicare for all. But no trillion-dollar industry has ever just rolled over and died. Insurers have experience fighting far less ambitious health reforms—and winning.”


From Townhall, Peter Roff says putting the government in charge of 5G will ensure we lose to China.

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