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Steve Forbes warns that “Big Tech’s censorship is a big mistake”

Policy and Government

At Forbes, Steve Forbes warns that “Big Tech’s censorship is a big mistake.”

At 97.1 FM Talk, Stephen Moore says that “our job is to be a loyal opposition and present an alternative view.”

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Art Carden explains why the free market process represents the most efficient means for vaccine delivery.

At the Independent Institute, Mary L.G. Theroux argues that California represents a crystal ball for what life in America will be like under Democratic leadership.

At Ideas, David Friedman criticizes Anthony Fauci for misleading the public.

At The Heritage Foundation, a catalog of public officials who have violated their own pandemic guidelines and restrictions has been released.

At the Washington Examiner, Katie Tahuahua explains how “congressional Democrats just admitted we can’t afford the Green New Deal.”

Monetary Policy

Per CNBC, Esther George, President of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, is warning “that inflation could rise faster than expected.”

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