Florida’s DeSantis – Who Else? – Leads the Nation on Vaccine Strategy

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Issue #199
1) Florida’s DeSantis – Who Else? – Leads the Nation on Vaccine Strategy

It was clear to anyone who has paid attention to the steep age distribution of COVID deaths — over 80% have been over age 65 — that the right strategy for vaccine distribution is to focus on seniors to save as many lives as possible.

Unfortunately, the CDC got derailed by left-wing identity politics and set standards for the delayed vaccines for seniors. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got attacked relentlessly by the press for not following the CDC’s very bad advice… and now the CDC is following DeSantis.

Even New York Governor Cuomo — who had threatened massive fines for vaccinating seniors, leading to doses being literally thrown away — fell in line behind the new recommendations.


As of yesterday, Florida led the nation with 348,000 vaccinated seniors, nearly 8% of its massive senior population and rising fast.


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