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Supply-Side Coffee Talk with Arthur Laffer

Policy and Government

At KMJ Now, Stephen Moore hails the latest jobs report as a blowout and calls the $1.9 trillion stimulus totally unnecessary.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes asks, will an ugly storm follow the impending economic recovery?

At Fox News, Larry Kudlow predicts that the proliferation of vaccines will lead to a booming recovery.

At Reason, Eric Boehm skewers Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus.

At The Claremont Institute, Santiago Barreto calls on California to save itself before it is too late.

At The Daily Signal, Virginia Allen reports that the United States has fallen to an all-time low on The Heritage Foundation’s 2021 Index of Economic Freedom, despite a general rise in global economic freedom.

At the Mises Institute, Gary Galles argues that aggregated data obscures the damage caused by minimum wage hikes.

Monetary Policy

National Review hosts Supply-Side Coffee Talk with Arthur Laffer.

At Project Syndicate, Robert Barro warns the Federal Reserve to not get haughty when it comes to inflation.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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