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Tax Reform is Making a Comeback!

7027608495_daeb33feb7_qBy Stephen Moore

In the Washington Times:

Overshadowed by this week’s CNBC versus the Republican presidential nominees brawl, was the release of Sen. Ted Cruz’s flat tax plan. The Texas senator would impose a 10 percent tax rate on wage earners and a 16 percent business tax and no deductions. “Flatter rates, says Mr. Cruz, “will make for a more rapid-growth economy.” He’s right: in virtually all the cases of the last 100 years, lower tax penalties on working and investing have led to more jobs and higher incomes.

It comes on the heels of a plan from Sen. Rand Paul to adopt a 14.5 percent flat tax. For full disclosure, I’m biased because Messrs. Paul and Cruz borrowed their flat tax plans with a few of their own unique twists, largely from my book with Arthur Laffer titled “Return to Prosperity.”

The bigger story here is that it’s now official: every major Republican candidate has endorsed lower tax rates and fewer loopholes as a way to make our federal tax code fairer and more competitive for American businesses.

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