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William Kristol praises Cruz’s golden moment.


In the TWS, William Kristol praises Cruz’s golden moment.

In the WSJ, Sean Fieler says there is competition for the Fed’s money monopoly.

From, Ralph Benko says Ted Cruz has rocketed up with gold and a flat tax.

The Libertarian Republic, quoting Mises and Ron Paul, says Cruz is right about the gold standard.

At AEI, James Pethokoukis delivers a measured dissent from Ted Cruz’s statement that the dollar should be “ideally tied to gold.”

At The Weekly Standard, Prof. Irwin Stelzer observes that conservatives’ “real preference is to get rid of the Fed, return to the gold standard, and let the market set interest rates, but that is an agenda that can speak its name only in whispers and footnotes.

In the LA Times, Roger Lowenstein reveals the stranger than fiction story of how the Fed was created.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says tax reform is making a comeback.

At ATR, Dennis Cakert says NHL players are choosing low tax teams.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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