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Terry McAuliffe: Parents Shouldn’t Tell Schools What To Teach

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #379
1) Terry McAuliffe: Parents Shouldn’t Tell Schools What To Teach

A potential game changer in the hotly contested Virginia gubernatorial race from the debate last night. Republican Glenn Youngkin said that parents should be “more involved” in the schools and the curriculum. To that point, Democrat Terry McAuliffe responded:

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Our sources at the debate say there was an audible gasp when these words left McAuliffe’s lips. The incendiary comment comes in the wake of the mega-controversy in many Virginia school districts, including Loudon County, of the left-wing Critical Race Theory propaganda infiltrating the schools.

That McAuliffe would side with the unions over the parents is hardly shocking. The former head of the Democratic National Committee is a fundraiser extraordinaire, who rakes in dollars from the Dem’s number one funding source: the teacher unions.
2) China’s The World’s Largest Polluter…So America Must Stop Using Fossil Fuels

We mentioned Monday that China is all-in on coal with nearly 1,000 coal-fired plants and more being built every week to power their $10 trillion economy and to keep the lights on for their billion people.


Is anyone in Washington paying attention?

The green leftists in America prefer to see the world as they wish it to be, not as it is. They are fantasists not realists. They remind us of modern-day Neville Chamberlains who boasted about “peace in our time” right up until the moment the Third Reich started dropping bombs on London.

The Democrats in Congress have talked themselves into believing that by unilaterally and systematically dismantling America’s energy industry, all the other nations of the world will do the same. The clouds will disburse, the sun will come out, and the temperature of the planetary thermostat will magically cool. (Let’s hope by not too much!)

We interrupt this fairy tale by alerting the pols that China has no intention of playing along. None.

Don’t take our word for it. Judge for yourself. Here are the emissions of greenhouse gases in the U.K. versus China.

How embarrassing is it that Joe Biden and his Climate Change Czar John Kerry are being played like a fiddle by the Chinese?

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