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McConnell To The Rescue

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #378
1) McConnell To The Rescue

Maybe the GOP isn’t the stupid party after all. Mitch McConnell is outwitting Chucky Schumer, Biden, and their sycophants in the media on the debt ceiling at every turn. You know he’s winning by the high-pitched primal screams at CNN and the Washington Post.

Yesterday the Democrats tried a ploy of attaching their multi trillion dollar debt ceiling bill to the must-pass end-of-the-year budget bill to keep the government funded. Schumer dared the Republicans to vote no — and for once, none of them blinked. The Democrats had to slink back into their huddle and figure out the next play call. 

The eruption from Chuck Schumer was classic: “The Republicans can resort to all the sophistry they want, but if they vote no, they will be solidifying themselves as the party of default and the American people will be the ones footing the bill.” Never mind that HE’S the one who wants to spend $5 trillion on top of the $2.9 trillion they’ve already steamrollered through Congress.

As we’ve said on these pages many times in recent weeks: this is the most fiscally reckless Congress in American history. This year they are on a mission to authorize well more than $10 trillion, raise taxes by several trillion, and explode the debt. They are doing this in almost all cases without a single Republican vote.

While we disagree with McConnell on his support for the green energy bill, he’s dead right on the debt ceiling. If Democrats want to spend and borrow $5 trillion more, Schumer is going to have to stick the debt ceiling vote on to the godawful reconciliation bill and every Democrat in Congress will be forced to walk the plank and vote yes. This is always one of the most politically perilous votes.

Republicans must now cast the debt bill as the Democrats scheme to “pay for” this wild ride. It puts the lie to Biden’s laughable lie that his spending blowout is “free.” 
2) Pelosi Hits The Panic Button

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, problems abound in the House. How in the world is Nancy Pelosi going to find 218 votes to pass the green new deal/infrastructure bill? Pelosi told House Democrats Monday night that she is no longer linking reconciliation and infrastructure, and said she would seek to pass the public works bill this week regardless of the status of the larger domestic spending bill.”

But the progressive caucus, including the AOC-led Squad, really take a walk, she may be a dozen or so votes short. The outcome could hinge on how many House Republicans vote for a $1.2 billion pork-fest. We’d like to be optimistic, but they don’t call them the stupid party for nothing.

The theory that passing the $1.2 trillion spending bill will somehow improve the prospect for stopping a $5 trillion sequel is too clever by half. If the Democrats are cracking up, let them! Until Biden agrees to drop the $5 trillion debt bill, best for Republicans to just say no. 

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