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The Barbarians Are At The Gates

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #377
1) The Barbarians Are At The Gates

Just in case anyone thought that the Dems were bluffing in their quest for a $5 trillion expansion of the welfare state with $2 trillion in higher tax rates and 2,500 pages of redistributionism – think again.

We urge you to read Nancy’s marching orders (below) to her comrades. They are grandiloquent and chilling. This is the Democrats’ magic moment. And they are hell-bent on not squandering it.

Some of Nancy’s non-sequiturs are laughable, such as the fantastic claim that the greens’ radical climate change agenda that will hobble America’s fossil fuel industry is going to “create millions of good-paying jobs.” 

As a public service, we will send the speaker a copy of Henry Hazlett’s “Economics in One Lesson”. She actually believes in the “broken windows” fallacy that to create jobs we smash all the windows and then hire people to fix them. And this is the woman who has risen to the top of the Democrats’ congressional food chain. 

We are reasonably confident Biden and Nancy don’t have 218 votes to pass this economic cyanide bill, but big government socialism is the Dems religion and they have all the fervor of zealots.

What this means is that the blitzkrieg is coming. 

As for us (and hopefully you – our faithful readers), we will fight them on the beaches, fight on the landing grounds, fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

2) While America Goes Green, The Rest Of The World Turns Back To Coal

The big energy story of the year is the comeback of coal around the world. So much for the Paris Climate Accord America has rejoined. 

This headline says it best about the Europeans’ renewed love affair with coal:

The Financial Times reports that Germans are turning back to coal because green energy is too expensive and natural gas prices have risen higher than coal prices on a BTU equivalent standard. 

Meanwhile, Europe’s experiment with wind and solar power has been a colossal failure, driving power prices skyward all over the continent. 

And then there is this from the country with three times as many people as the U.S.:

Bottom line: as the American left continues to wage its war on fossil fuels, the rest of the world is using more of them. But instead of buying this energy from us – the nation with the most and cleanest gas and coal in the world, the suppliers are Russia, China, and OPEC nations.

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