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The Fastest Recovery in American History

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #145 
1) The Fastest Recovery in American History
Thursday the Commerce Department will announce the October Surprise we all predicted on these pages a month ago. The GDP for the Q3 (July – Sept) will be somewhere between 30 and 35 percent growth according to the Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta. Startup the Band. 

How good is this? The previous all-time record in the post-World War II Era was 16 percent in early 1950. The chart below gives one an appreciation for how high this number is. Back in June, the economy Federal Reserve Board predicted about 18 percent growth for the quarter – which means we doubled expectations. Most of Europe is way behind us in recovery.

What is really incredible is that for the year of the worst Pandemic in a century, the GDP is expected to be down -3 to -6 percent. We’ve had normal recessions much worse than that. 

If “it’s the economy stupid,” Trump gets four more years.

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