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About that Surge…

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue # 144
1) About that Surge…
Seemingly every single news outlet in America is almost joyfully shouting SURGE of coronavirus cases across the country. Reporters and Democrats see this as the death knell to the Trump campaign. 
The percentage of emergency room visits with Coronavirus-Like Illness (CLI) is now rising again nationally. Hospitalizations are rising again too — though far less than the headline “case” numbers, which are driven by record testing levels, as we have repeatedly explained. We do have a hotspot on the Mexican border again – but this time it’s just New Mexico and El Paso, and resources are being deployed there.
The most important thing is to keep it all in perspective. 
Here is a great chart from President Trump’s top coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas. Even with the recent rise, we’re under 6% of hospital beds occupied by COVID patients nationally and even the peaks were only around 11%. Hospitals have never been meaningfully in danger of being overwhelmed, except for some isolated hotspots, such as the border town of El Paso, TX.

Biden sees this and wants more lockdown? Dem governors are reimposing shutdown orders. Lockdowns which have imposed massive economic, social, and health hardships while failing to stop COVID in Europe, which now exceeds the U.S. on every daily measure? We believe there is a fairly strong possibility that if Biden wins the election, he will impose national lockdowns – which would be catastrophic for the country.

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