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The New York Sun praises Steve Forbes has having “The best program of any Republican right now….”

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The New York Sun praises Steve Forbes has having “The best program of any Republican right now….”

At CNBC, Jeff Cox says “full employment” doesn’t look like what we had anticipated.

Larry Kudlow was disappointed by the lack of economic discussion during the recent GOP debate. 

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At, Ralph Benko weighs in on how House Speaker Paul Ryan can escape from the lions’ den by shrewd use of the Kadlec Curve, the JEC programs for constraining federal spending and feckless regulations.

At The Pulse, Ralph Benko wonders if Ted Cruz can corner the Rand/Ron Paul voters.

From The Pulse, Benko praises the character, public service, and supply side chops of Gov. Jim Gilmore.


Nouriel Roubini discusses the global economy’s abnormal state. 

From, Tim Worstall shows why the claim that 40% of Americans make less than 1968 minimum wage is dead wrong. 

From the WSJ, Anjani Trivedi reports emerging markets are battling capital flight. 


In The Daily Caller, Michael Bastasch reports President Obama has proposed raising the gas tax 136%


At, John Tamny explains how poor countries tariff imports and rich countries do not.

Photo Credit: The World Affairs Council

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