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The Return of Lockdown Lunacy

In the wake of climbing numbers of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, as many states, notably those run by Democrats, are headed back toward economic lockdowns. These include New York, Illinois, Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, California, and Washington. Some such as California and Washington have considered full shutdowns.

This means lockdowns of schools, churches, businesses, restaurants, and office buildings. California Governor Gavin Newsom even issued orders on how to celebrate Thanksgiving with no singing, no laughing, and no more than ten people at the table. Who thinks of these unrealistic edicts? Much more worrisome is the discussion from the transition team of Joe Biden over a national lockdown that could last several weeks.

The effect of lockdowns is bankruptcy for thousands of small businesses and millions of destroyed jobs. Every week with shutdowns could lead to about $250 billion in lost output. So that means we would lose $2 trillion over two months. It would also crush the spirit of Americans, leading to more isolation, suicides, drug overdoses, and domestic abuse.

There is a better strategy employed by many states to protect seniors, people who are severely overweight, and vulnerable health populations. These groups account for well over 90 percent of the deaths and severe coronavirus medical problems. It is certainly one thing to have backed the shutdowns nine months ago when we had no idea if they would work. But to continue to promote ideology over data flies in the face of public policy based on evidence that the left accuses the right of ignoring.

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Photo Credit Ray Rivera

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