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Policy and Government

Larry Kudlow: Trump wants to end the War on Success.

From USA Today, Richard Hurowitz writes free trade is real populism.

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek says Wilbur Ross is teaming up with leftists against NAFTA.


Larry Kudlow and Avik Roy discuss the Fed.

From Politico, Danny Vinik reports Trump has an unusual opportunity to stack the Fed.


The Tax Foundation releases its 2017 International Competitiveness Index. U.S. places 30th.

At National Review, Deroy Murdock slams the proposal to phase-in corporate tax cuts.

In the WSJ, James Freeman discusses why a tax cut phase-in is a bad idea.

In the Daily Caller, Robert Donachie explains how Mike Pence could pass tax reform.

On Real Clear Markets, Dave Cribbin says the GOP should stop arguing with itself and  go bold on tax reform.