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Arthur Laffer: Why would Congress limit the deductibility of 401(k) contributions or add a 4th tax bracket?

Policy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains what Astros v. Dodgers can teach us about economic growth.


At the New York Times, Stephanie Kelton, a former chief economist of the Senate Banking Committee Democratic staff, calls Chair Yellen a “principled populist” and strongly implies a desire for higher inflation.


In the Orlando Sentinel, Arthur Laffer slams the tax reform buzzkill in Congress.

At FT, Arthur Laffer says tax cuts are needed to reverse troubling economic trends.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says the tax code is a big mistake.

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny warns the middle class will be victimized by a tax hike on the 1%.

From the American Spectator, J.T. Young reports Republicans are falling into Democrats’ deficit trap again.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn writes tax cuts are as close to a free lunch as you can get.

Heritage calls for eliminating SALT.


U.S. makes up over 30% of total global debt.

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