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The Truth About Florida And DeSantis

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #383
1) The Truth About Florida And DeSantis

The media has been swinging at Florida governor Ron DeSantis as the Grim Reaper governor because of the Summer spike in cases and deaths in the Sunshine State.

The latest comes from liberal trial lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder – who is funding a TV ad that begins with a plane entering Florida’s airspace and passengers listening to a recording of DeSantis discussing his opposition to vaccine passports, lockdowns, and school closings. DeSantis says: “We trust people to make their own decisions in this state. We are not going to be bludgeoning people with restrictions and mandates and lockdowns or any of that stuff.” The ad then displays scary fake headlines from made-up newspapers like “The Tampa Bay Terror Times,” about people dying in the streets of Florida.

Here’s how much the ad has hurt DeSantis: His press secretary Christina Pushaw says she wishes more people could see it.

If you pay attention to the national media, you’d think that Florida is the state of death and destruction from COVID and that Gov. Ron DeSantis is the grim reaper. 

Here’s some truth about Florida: Despite the worst infection wave in the country this summer, Florida’s record and DeSantis’ record still holds up well.

Florida ranks 20th among the 50 states in the percentage of fully vaccinated people according to the CDC and is right at the national rate in age-adjusted COVID deaths. (We expect Florida deaths to fall below the national rate as death reporting from the summer becomes more complete, before rebounding as the winter wave moves north.)

Here’s the amazing story about Florida – that no one in the national media seems to report. The Florida wave receded many weeks ago just as sharply as it rose. Remarkably, the virus went away with NO lockdowns, NO business closures, NO school closures, and NO masks mandates.

Wow. How did that happen? And doesn’t that argue against the efficacy of radical government economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders that cripple a state economy?

Florida is presently dead last in the country in per capita active infections according to the model. It also has an unemployment rate almost three percentage points LOWER than New York and California. 

Have you read that in the New York Times?

Hmm. Maybe other states could learn from the Florida experience.
2) What Is Tree Equity?

Many readers have contacted us asking what in the world is the “tree equity” program in the Biden $5 trillion social welfare bill. Beats us. So we did some investigating. It turns out there is a nonprofit justice organization called Tree Equity Score dedicated to promoting tree equity.  

Here is what the term means, and we won’t provide any of our usual snarky commentary on this one:

Ok, sorry, but we can’t resist a snarky response. First, we at CTUP want to go on record as being pro-trees. But with a government that is $21 trillion in debt, why are we spending $3 billion on a federal tree planting program? All we’ve been doing since the pilgrims landed here 500 years ago is plant trees. There are by some estimates more trees on the North American continent today than ever before. Trees are pretty good at planting themselves, too.

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