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Why Republicans Should Oppose The SECOND Worst Bill In 50 Years

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #382
1) Why Republicans Should Oppose The SECOND Worst Bill In 50 Years

Of course, the FIRST worst bill in half a century is the Bernie Sanders $5 trillion social welfare bill. 

But we want to remind readers that the SECOND worst is the trillion dollar “bipartisan infrastructure bill.” Congress should be sued for false advertising because this bill ISN’T about infrastructure. Never has been. Only about one-in-four of the dollars are for roads, bridges, highways, and airports. Most of the rest is for Green New Deal programs – more subsidies for wind, solar, and electric vehicles.

Here are some of the other fatal flaws of that bill:

1. It excludes the Keystone XL pipeline. Biden killed this project, but he approved a pipeline from Siberia Russia to Germany. That’s a deal killer right there.
2. $50 billion for the worst run railroad in the world: Amtrak. Privatize it.
3. Rather than repealing Davis-Bacon union requirements on federal projects, it expands the prevailing wage a.k.a. “union only” policy that inflates federal construction costs.
4. $39 billion for mass transit projects, which the White House brags is the biggest diversion from highway funding ever. The previous COVID bills ALREADY poured tens of billions of dollars into urban transit subways and buses even though ridership fell by almost 90% in most urban areas.
5. Tens of billions in “green new deal” giveaways for electric vehicles, charging stations, electric buses, and ferries, etc.
6. An eye-popping $100 billion under the direct control of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, rather than distributed to the states via formula. Buttigieg has outlined a vision for slower traffic and “road diets” because he and the left hate cars. 

On Friday, President Biden broke the bipartisan deal with Republicans by assuring the AOC leftists that the fate of the $5 trillion Bernie Sanders big government socialism bill and the infrastructure bill are inextricably linked. There won’t be one without the other. House and Senate GOPers who support the infrastructure bill should be listening up. The infrastructure bill is the gateway drug to the trillions of spending in the Bernie bill.

Meanwhile, at least 20 leftwing Democrats in the Progressive Caucus have pledged not to vote for the public works bill unless the social welfare bill has already passed the Senate. House Republicans would be fools to give Pelosi the margin for victory.
2) Video Of The Day: “The Federal Government Can Afford Anything It Wants To Do”

We would urge readers if you have the time to watch the three minute video of Rep. John Yarmuth the Democrat from Kentucky. He CHAIRS the House Budget Committee, so you would think he might know at least something about public finance and the dangers of runaway government spending and debt.

Here is what he said on CNN last Thursday when asked about Senator Joe Manchin’s concerns about the $5 trillion bill that Democrats want to pass:

REP. YARMUTH: “The number itself [$5 trillion] is meaningless. I read Joe Manchin’s statement, I’ve listened to him, he has no understanding of how the federal government monetary system works when he compared it yesterday to his household income, that has no relevance to what we can do.

It’s not a question of what we can afford. The federal government can afford anything that it feels it needs to do and right now that’s what we ought to be focused on.” 

This is an articulation of the wacko Modern Monetary Theory of the far left, which posits that the U.S. government can borrow into the stratosphere at no cost because the dollar is the world currency. We find it highly troubling that someone who believes in this economic sophistry could rise to be Budget Committee chairman. But then again, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Joe Biden became president of the United States and he’s running around the country telling us his $6 trillion spending agenda is “free.”

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