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The Week That Was

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #381
10/01/2021, 10/02/2021, 10/03/2021
1) The Week That Was

As you, our dear readers and supporters, probably know, the sole focus of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity from the start of this year and over the critical weeks ahead is to stop a $5 trillion fiscal atrocity that would do irreparable damage to our economy, our small businesses, our energy independence, and our nation’s finances. As Larry Kudlow has been saying: Save the country, Kill the Bill. (We are an educational organization that does not lobby, so our role is to EDUCATE voters and members of Congress on how diabolical this $5 trillion bill is).

So we are pleased to report that things aren’t at all going well for the Democrats – who find themselves in a circular firing squad at the moment. Pelosi and Schumer are stomping around in a snit. The wacko leftists led by AOC are like petulant children — as they cast vile aspersions at Sens. Sinema and Manchin that are usually reserved for Republicans like Donald Trump.

“We can’t let two senators disrupt the agenda of the other 48,” fumed Bernie Sanders on Friday. Actually, Bernie, it’s 52 Senators, not two, who are standing in your way. (If the Democrats don’t want Sinema and Manchin, Republicans will gladly take them.)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to recite his laughable line that the bill “is free – it costs nothing.” We would pay him to keep saying something so insultingly stupid. 

Our coalition in partnership with America First Policy Institute and dozens of other conservative groups has been working closely with GOP leadership in the House and Senate. So far they’ve been mostly taking our strategic advice. We insisted from the start that Republicans block the Democrat ploy of raising the debt ceiling and thanks to Mitch McConnell’s shrewd leadership, that’s exactly what they did. 

For once the Republicans aren’t acting like the stupid party. There have been no defections on the $5 trillion bill – thank you, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. Even Mitt is behaving himself. 

This has all slowed the Democrat’s Mad Max roadster to a crawl. Chucky Schumer now must put a multi-trillion debt ceiling bill into the $5 Trillion bankrupt America bill – and pass it without a single R vote. For Democrats in even a moderately competitive race this will be like getting a five year old to chew and swallow his peas. 

So now a $5 trillion bill looks like its price tag will shrink to closer to $1.5 trillion – assuming Manchin stays true to his word. That’s still a fiscal abomination, but the direction is good. Our goal is a bill that raises spending and taxes by ZERO and given the train wreck on Capitol Hill right now, that unconditional surrender could happen. 

What’s this fight really all about? Biden has admitted he wants to in the name of “equity” roll back 40 years of pro-growth economic policy reforms, which means undoing not just the Trump America first policies, but the Reagan free market revolution that ignited a four decade eruption of wealth creation from $10 trillion to $100 trillion that has been unrivaled in the history of the planet.

To quote Winston Churchill circa 1942: “No, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Whose Policies Do You Want?

2) Schumer’s Secret Deal With Manchin Backfires

No one was more surprised by the secret co-signed contract agreed to back in July between Senator Joe Manchin and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer than their Senate Democratic colleagues. 

Democrats were infuriated by the surprise midnight deal. The Huffington Post confirmed yesterday that Schumer “kept many of his members in the dark about the existence of the document, which stayed secret for over two months as lawmakers pressed forward with expectations of a larger bill.” He even kept members of his leadership team out of the loop. “It’s pretty sad if you ask me,” Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii told reporters. She seethed that a bill totaling $1.5 trillion would force Democrats to abandon programs such as free community college and prekindergarten and new subsidies for green energy.

We can only hope.

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