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Thursday Items: Bundesbank president Dr. Jens Weidmann, praises gold and indicts fiduciary currency; John Tamny on Jude Wanniski’s electoral model

Politics and Government
Lewis Lehrman on Lou Dobbs on economic growth vs. redistribution  
From Forbes, John Tamny points to Jude Wanniski’s electoral model as evidence for a Romney victory.
On The WSJ, Stephen Moore discusses “the Romney redo”. 
In Town Hall, Ralph Benko discusses Barack Obama and the long, hard road “forward”
Forbes:  “Kaiser’s Postulate” Industry and Frugality are the only means to prosperity, by Ralph Benko 
Monetary Reform
Dr. Jens Weidmann, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank praises gold and indicts fiduciary currency in speech posted to official website
“Over the longest periods of human history so concrete objects were used as money, we speak of commodity money. Particularly enjoyed and enjoy fine and rare metals – in the first place because of their supposed gold recoverability high confidence.
Gold is thus a sense of timeless classics in his capacity as an exchange, payment and store of value. “After pushing gold, but everything depends on gold,” say Margaret in Goethe’s Faust I can. 
That money, however, which we take in the form of notes and coins at us, has to do with commodity money, nothing more. Is the link back to gold stocks is not, since in 1971, the gold standard of the U.S. dollar has been lifted.” 
On CNBC, Larry Kudlows says this is not your father’s QE

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny argues that Bernanke’s policies hurt savers, the unemployed, and Wall Street. 
Reuters’ Pedro DaCosta writes at MacroScope Don’t call it a target: Fed buys wiggle room with qualitative goals 
At The Peterson Institute for International Economics, Fred Bergsten and Joseph Gagnon contend that the IMF and WTO should do more to enforce their rules forbidding currency manipulation. 
In The Collegian, Jillian Aramowicz believes readopting the gold standard could benefit the global economy. 
On The WSJ, Stephen Moore praises the anti-tax fever in Michigan 
From Desoto Times Tribune, Sid Salter writes on the resurgence of the public pension issue. 

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