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Weekend Wrap-Up: Lewis Lehrman on why gold is the preferred currency; George Will extols Esther George

Prosperity Caucus Guest of Honor Vice Chairman of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady, September 19th, 6 PM, Heritage Foundation:
Politics and Government
Flashback:  Ethanol, not YouTube?  William Pentland at last July  predicted this wave of social unrest in “The Coming Food Crisis:  Blame Ethanol?” 
At National Review Online, Larry Kudlow articulates the failures of Obamanomics.
Monetary Reform
From The American Spectator, Lewis Lehrman shows why gold has been the preferred currency for two millennia, and how a return to gold money will lead to prosperity.
From Forbes, Charles Kadlec says that The Fed’s efforts to bail out Obamanomics is futile,  Republican platform calling for a gold commission prescient.
From Laissez Faire, Ralph Benko rebuts the claim that “there isn’t enough gold” to return to a gold standard.
In Market Watch, Satyajit Das says prepare for a return to the golden age
Agora Financial lists three reasons for a new gold rally.
George Will, in his Washington Post column extols Esther George, president of the regional Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, for her opposition to the nation’s central bank morphing “into a central economic planner.
On WPRI, Angie Angers reports that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has asked retirees to forgo pension increases. 
At Town Hall, Kyle Olson discusses an Oakland Teacher’s prediction of civil unrest following pension reform. 

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