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Thursday items: Forbes talks to GW Bush; Woodhill on Obamacare; Rove urges Romney to focus on growth.

From Forbes, Steve Forbes talks taxes and trade with President George W. Bush.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill quotes Jude Wanniski to argue Obamacare must be repealed.

The Washington Times reports Mitt Romney leading the President on the economy.

In The WSJ, Karl Rove urges Romney to counter the President’s class warfare with focus on growth.

The Spectator features a symposium with Stephen Moore and US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) on the budget and taxes:

In The WSJ, Dan Henninger parallels the President’s rhetoric with FDR’s in 1936.

Reason highlights the President’s scapegoating of oil speculators.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko recounts the history of the post-Civil War Legal Tender Cases.

From National Review in 1978, Alan Reynolds and William Peterson promote the gold standard.

Also from the NR archive, Bruce Bartlett argues for supply-side tax cuts.

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