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Thursday items: Mundell discusses exchange rates and tax cuts; Tamny defends the euro; Woodhill opposes QE3.

From Bloomberg, supply-side guru Robert Mundell argues QE3 isn’t necessary but argues for a steady expansion of the money supply and against more spending, and that commitment to a 20% corporate tax rate and making the Bush tax cuts permanent will lead to a strong US recovery.

In The Telegraph (UK), Ambrose Evans-Pritchard interviews Mundell on the euro.

At RCM, John Tamny defends the euro against criticisms from Evans-Pritchard and National Review editor Rich Lowry.

On C-SPAN, the Steve Forbes media blitz continues with an extended discussion of the economy, with the dollar as his top issue:

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill opposes QE3.

On NRO, Ramesh Ponnuru defends looser monetary policy.

From Forbes, Steve Forbes sees positive political change coming.

The WSJ counters Keynesian claims of US austerity.

From earlier this month, Stephen Moore debates liberal Thomas Hartmann on entitlements and taxes:

In The WSJ, businessman Warren Stephens suggests Sarbanes-Oxley has damaged small companies.

At Reuters, Jimmy Pethokoukis notes Gov. Mitt Romney’s (MA) updated position on global warming.

In Forbes, Jerry Bowyer outlines the religious basis for classical economics.

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