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Weekend update: Reynolds says QE2 hurt the recovery; Lewis congratulates Republicans for stopping tax hikes; Mundell sees the euro surviving.

From The WSJ, Alan Reynolds argues QE2 damaged the US economy.

On Forbes, Nathan Lewis congratulates Republicans for holding firm against tax hikes during the budget debate.

The Globe and Mail (Canada) reports on Robert Mundell’s recent public appearance.

Reuters notes Nobel laureates, including Mundell, see the euro continuing.

At Fox Business News, Lew Lehrman suggests the yuan is undervalued and that China is a dangerous, mercantilist threat (h/t: TGSN):

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore contrasts the Reagan recovery with Obama’s.

At Forbes, Bill Flax argues that WW II did not end the Great Depression.

In National Affairs, Seth Lipsky answers the question, what is a dollar?

From Forbes, Peter Ferrara challenges inequality claims.

At The Daily Caller, Jamie Weinstein notes a supply-side slip by progressive Jacob Weisberg.

In The WSJ, Carl Kelm reports Gov. Rick Perry’s (TX) surge in the polls.

At COAL, Paul Krugman explains the Keynesian theory of Japan’s liquidity trap.

Also on COAL, Krugman notes the CBO’s estimate of lost revenue due to the recession/malaise.

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