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Thursday Items: Seth Lipsky on the mainstreaming of the gold standard; Sean Fieler on the gold commission plank

Monetary Reform
In The WSJ, Seth Lipsky writes on the gold standard becoming a mainstream topic of discussion. 
On Fox Business, Sean Fieler discusses the Republican gold commission plank. 

The NY Sun discusses the inclusion of the gold platform at the Republican Convention.
From The Weekly Standard, Judy Shelton believes that sound money has gained a champion. 
In CNBC, Lee Brodie states the GOP has taken a big step toward restoring the gold standard. 
At Forbes, Brian Domitrovic addresses the impact of the first gold commission. 
At Net Right Daily, Robert Romano endorses the proposed gold standard commission in the Republican Convention platform. On Net Right Daily Robert Romano also  questions the “conventional wisdom”  behind what caused the great depression. 
From Forbes, Karl Whelan says The U.S. can’t do a gold standard on its own.
From Current TV, Steve Forbes weighs in on the gold standard plank
In Westport Now, Keith Phaneuf believes that Moody’s poses a tough test for Connecticut’s State Pension health.
Daily Herald reports that Illinois voters are grilling candidates for pension solutions.

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