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Tuesday Summary: Ralph Benko on the mainstreaming of the gold standard, Charles Kadlec lists the reasons you should support the gold standard.

Politics and Government
On Politico, Glen Hubbard writes on the myth of a balanced approach to fiscal policy.
At The WSJ, Mary Kissel contrasts the beliefs of Hubbard and Romney.
From CNBC, Larry Kudlow interviews Paul Ryan
Monetary Reform
On Forbes, Ralph Benko praises the mainstreaming of the gold standard within the Republican Party.
From Forbes, Charles Kadlec lists the top ten reasons you should support a return to the gold standard.
From Forbes, Steve Forbes contends that Paul Ryan’s pro-growth approach is crucial to the U.S.
The Conservative HQ discusses the GOP’s gold platform plank.
In Paper Money Collapse, Detlev Schlichter believes QE3 is on the way.
Simon van Zuylen-Wood in The New Republic makes a hilarious, if flirting with the boundaries of good taste, case equating gold, feces and … unprintable things:  Feces and the Gold Standard: A Psychological Explanation of Gold Buggery
At Forbes, Roberton Williams discusses the CBO’s assessment of the fiscal cliff.
From The WSJ, Stephen Moore calls President Obama’s fiscal policy a ‘swan dive’.
In The WSJ, Stephen Moore compares the economic policies of Virginia and Maryland.
At The SF Gate, Marisa Lagos reports on the California pension reform discussion.
On Reuters, Bob Williams writes that America’s 50 state governments owe $4.19 trillion, including outstanding bonds, unfunded pension commitments, and budget gaps. 

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