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Thursday News: Lewis Lehrman discusses Fed Succession, oil prices, gold prices, and the Syria Effect, as well as his latest book “Money, Gold, and History” on The Kudlow Report

Monetary Reform

Lewis Lehrman discusses ‘Money, Gold, and History’ on The Kudlow Report

Lewis Lehrman and Larry Kudlow discuss the uncertainty ahead

Lewis Lehrman and Larry Kudlow discuss how Syria concerns have weighed on the markets.

At, Ralph Benko calls for a national conversation on the crucial importance of good money; notes how the Conservative Movement recently united behind JEC Chairman Brady’s Centennial Monetary Commission.

In The American Spectator, Seth Lipsky asks if American’s are Fed up yet?

At The WSJ, John Cochrane warns against permitting The Fed to micromanage the economy.

On The WSJ, John Hilsenrath and Carol Lee report White House deliberations over Bernanke’s successor are entering their final stages.

In, Nathan Lewis debuts his latest book Gold: the Monetary Polaris, called by Opinion editor John Tamny “…a masterpiece…it’s the best book on money yet.”

At TGSN, Ralph Benko writes about the very modern qualities of gold as money and, focusing on Sir Francis Drake, reflects on the cultural linkage between pirates and gold.

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