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Weekend Wrap Up: Gretchen Morgenson writes ‘New Jobs! If only it were true’; John Tamny contrast Friedman’s monetarism with Friedman’s market monetarism

Politics and Government

In The NYT, Gretchen Morgenson writes ‘New Jobs! if only it were true’

On, Jerry Bowyer discusses George Gilder’s concern over the devolution of the stock market.

Monetary Reform

At, John Tamny contrasts Milton Friedman’s monetarism against Friedman’s ‘market’ monetarism.

In Investors Business Daily, Jeffrey Bell and Rich Danker say there is little difference between Yellen and Summers.

At Real Clear Politics, Larry Kudlow writes Geithner is being considered for Fed chair.

From TGSN, Kathleen Packard details the worldwide bond bubble; Ralph Benko comments on the counterfeiting sinners in Divine Comedy.


In The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow and Grover Norquist compare red states to blue states.

On Fox News, Neil Cavuto says 50 years ago liberals believed in tax cuts.

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