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Thursday round up: Mixed reviews for the Gang of Six proposal; Taylor says the growth consensus is over; Forbes on returning to the gold standard.

The WSJ expresses cautious optimism about the Gang of Six budget and tax reform deal; in The Washington Post, former G.W. Bush speech writer Marc Thiessen argues the proposal is a $3 trillion tax increase.

At Bloomberg, Richard Rubin analyzes the likely capital gains tax increase in the Gang of Six debt proposal (h/t: Vlad Signorreli).

In The WSJ, John Taylor suggests the growth consensus of the 1980s and ‘90s has been abandoned.

On Fox Business News, Steve Forbes explains how to return to the gold standard:

At Asia Times, David Goldman argues the small business start-up economy is dead, while large companies with global reach continue to grow.

From TGSN, Ralph Benko cites Jude Wanniski on what a currency should do.

At his blog, former FDIC Chairman William Isaac argues mark to market accounting rules played a major role in the 2008-09 recession and financial crisis. According to Bretton Woods Research, “We continue to believe that the MTM [congressional] hearings proved the turning point for financial markets back in March 2009.”

On The Kudlow Report, Don Luskin sounds bullish on the economy:

In The NYT, Ohio University Professor Alonzo L. Hamby provides a good economic history of the US.

At Pajamas Media, Ed Driscoll claims Hollywood doesn’t understand inflation.

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