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Thursday round up: Woodhill discounts the Dow; Pethokoukis on growth; Feldstein on European debt.

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill discounts the stock market against gold.

At The American, James Pethokoukis highlights a debate over economic growth.

In The WSJ, Martin Feldstein hopes bond vigilantes will discipline Europe’s government spending.

On The Kudlow Report, Art Laffer argues spending cuts would lead to stronger economic growth:

At Townhall, John Stossel promotes a free market in currency.

Author Jeremy Hammond compares economic analyses from US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) and Keynesian Paul Krugman.

The Houston Chronicle reports a speech by Art Laffer.

From Newsmax, Steve Forbes predicts return to recession if the President is re-elected.

From The Atlas Sound Money Project, Nicolas Cachanosky critiques the government’s dollar management.

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