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Wednesday summary: The WSJ & Mitchell defend Ryan’s budget; Benko on Hubbard; Forbes on the dollar.

The WSJ defends US Rep. Paul Ryan’s (WI) budget plan from the President’s strong attack.

On PBS, Dan Mitchell debates Ryan’s budget but focuses on spending restraint rather than economic growth:

At TGSN, Ralph Benko highlights the sound money writing of Romney advisor Glenn Hubbard.

On GoldSeek, Scott Silva contrasts President Reagan’s economic record with President Obama’s.

In The Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby criticizes the US tax code.

The Economist reports on Somalia’s bizarre currency situation.

In The Star-Ledger (NJ), Alan Reynolds suggests the federal minimum wage has damaged low skill workers.

From Bloomberg, Steve Forbes discusses the weak dollar’s impact on the economy:

The Chicago Tribune reports failure to pass Mississippi’s tough immigration reform.

American Rhetoric presents Calvin Coolidge’s inaugural speech (h/t: Amity Shlaes).

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