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Thursday summary: Shlaes defends the gold standard; Ron Paul criticizes central banks; Malpass on Romney’s diversion from growth.

From Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes defends the gold standard against critics.

In The FT (free registration required), US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) lambasts central bankers.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill highlights declining business investment.

On The Kudlow Report, David Malpass analyzes Mitt Romney’s focus on issues other than growth:

On his show, Rush Limbaugh tutors a college student on supply-side economics.

At Forbes, Steve Forbes reviews Freedom’s Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II.

Market Watch reports China’s intention to accelerate yuan reform.

In Commentary, Abe Greenwald notes the violent plans of some members of the Occupy crowd.

On Kudlow, a newly bearish David Goldman discusses declining business investment and predicts lower job growth:

From Alhambra Partners, John Chapman analyzes the debate over Glenn Hubbard’s recent deficit and debt analysis.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore analyzes the Republican chances of losing the House. Undiscussed is the House GOP’s focus on budget balancing rather than strong growth measures.

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