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Wednesday round up: Domitrovic on euro/dollar instability; Hanke on Europe; Laffer on the weak economy.

At Forbes, Brian Domitrovic explains the dollar’s gyrations damaging impact on the euro.

From Bloomberg, Obama economist Peter Orzag notes that the mortgage crisis destroyed the same amount of wealth as the dot-com bust and wonders why its result was so much more severe. Left out of his analysis is the Great Dollar Appreciation of 2008, which was a separate, economy-killing event from the initial mortgage bust.

At Streit Talk, Steve Hanke diagnoses the Eurozone’s travails, including Greece’s sharp deflationary environment.

On The Kudlow Report, Art Laffer debates the weak economy:

The NY Sun applauds US Rep. Ron Paul’s recent TV debate with Paul Krugman as Hayek vs. Keynes.

From Paper Money Collapse, Austrian economist Detlev Schlichter advises on how to debate Krugman (h/t: TGSN).

At Fiscal Times, Liz Peek castigates Krugman for his pro-inflation bullying of Ben Bernanke.

On Econlog, David Henderson defends Romney supporter Edward Conrad’s pro-wealth views from Krugman.

In The Economist, Will Wilkinson critiques Stephen King’s call for tax increases.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury notes the economy’s slowing but remains optimistic.

The NYT reports China’s vanishing current account surplus, but notes continued US pressure to revalue the yuan.

On NRO, Kevin Hassett explains the negative impact on growth of policy uncertainty.

From The WSJ, Dan Henninger notes the Obama Administration’s attempts to court young voters with handouts rather than growth and jobs:

At Econtalk, John Taylor discusses his new book, First Principles: Five Keys to Restoring America’s Prosperity.

TGSN recounts the Free Silver Movement’s history.

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