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Thursday summary: The WSJ, Mitchell and NR on Romney; Woodhill on gas prices; Mundell on the Canadian dollar.

The WSJ applauds Mitt Romney’s tax cut proposal.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell notes Romney’s Keynesian view of spending cuts.

National Review’s editors give two cheers to Romney’s tax reform but fault it for not expanding the child tax credit.

The WSJ pans the President’s corporate tax rate cut.

At Newsmax, Steve Forbes calls the President’s corporate tax reform a “house of horrors.”

On The Kudlow Report, Steve Forbes and James Pethokoukis discuss Rick Santorum’s debate performance:

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill explains that gas prices are not rising, the dollar is falling.

Bloomberg quotes Robert Mundell on the negative trade impact of Canada’s strong dollar.

At Free Banking, George Selgin rebuts James Hamilton’s claim that the gold standard caused the 19th century’s frequent financial panics. (h/t: TGSN)

At NRO, Larry Kudlow notes the President’s embrace of Republican energy policy.

From RCM, John Tamny examines long-term deficit spending.

At Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes argues income tax rate cuts are superior to payroll tax rebates.

On CNBC, David Goldman analyzes oil’s price increase:

The Washington Post quotes Steve Forbes saying Rick Santorum should stop talking about Satan.

Citywire (UK) notes rising belief that central bankers are to blame for the 2008 financial crisis.

The Telegraph (UK) reports discovery, by a former student of Steve Hanke’s, of the Bretton Woods conference’s transcript.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko recounts the Constitution’s sound money roots.

In The Washington Times, Sen. John Kerry (MA) praises classical thinker Robert Zoellick’s World Bank leadership.

From Reason, a Thatcher contemporary remembers her tremendous accomplishments:

At US News, conservative Scott Galupo pans Romney’s embrace of supply-side economics.

On The Daily Show, Bruce Bartlett attacks Republicans for advocating tax cuts.

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