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Weekend edition: Kudlow applauds Romney’s supply-side language; Moore on Newt’s dynamic scoring; Lewis on capitalism’s morality.

From NRO, Larry Kudlow applauds Mitt Romney for using supply-side language in his new tax plan rollout.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports Newt Gingrich will use dynamic scoring to assess his tax plan.

On NPR, Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp (MN) critiques the President’s corporate tax proposal.

At Forbes, Peter Ferrara argues the President’s budget will yield little other than more debt.

On the Kudlow Report, Steve Moore debates the Romney tax plan:

The WSJ explains the falling dollar’s impact on oil prices.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell highlights a video critiquing the Federal Reserve.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis defends capitalism’s moral virtue.

The Economist highlights the burden of regulation on the American economy.

The WSJ notes the higher British top tax rate is producing fewer revenues than predicted.

On Kudlow, US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) discusses his economic plan:

In The NY Post, Jeff Bell argues for social conservatism.

On his blog, Donald Marron praises Bruce Bartlett’s tax reform book.

At Fiscal Times, Bartlett contends that neither Obama nor Romney adequately reform the tax code.

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