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Thursday update: Kadlec, Kudlow and Lehrman on the dollar’s tightening; Woodhill on the President’s revealing gaffe; Laffer on California.

From Forbes, Charles Kadlec sees tightening money slowing growth.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow suggests the dollar’s rise against the euro is creating deflationary headwinds for the economy.

On Fox Business, Lew Lehrman notes the dollar tightening since the end of QE2 (h/t: TGSN):

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill challenges the economic philosophy behind President Obama’s view of government-created jobs.

The Heritage Foundation charts relative growth rates of the private sector versus local, state and federal government.

At City Journal, Art Laffer argues for tax reform in California.

In The WSJ, Edward Lazear argues the President can’t blame his predecessor for the weak economy.

At C-SPAN, Bill Kristol suggests Republicans would be better off without Ron Paul, but says he is “mildly pro gold standard” (h/t: Free Banking):

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell chides Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham for putting tax hikes on the table.

Reader Supported News reports Bernie Sander’s release of Fed bailouts.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore notes continued sugar subsidies.

The WSJ Asia’s editors discuss China’s slowdown:

In The WSJ, Brian Carney reviews Edward Conard’s Unintended Consequences.

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