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Weekend edition: Golub on tax reform; Ferrara on spending; Lewis on gold investing.

From The WSJ, Harvey Golub advocates tax reform.

At Forbes, Peter Ferrara critiques the President’s spending record.

On Fox Business News, Steve Forbes suggests the economy will continue to be sluggish.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore critiques the President’s blame-Bush rhetoric.

The NY Sun advises England to withdraw from the EU and Mitt Romney to consider a US/UK currency zone:

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell skewers European bailouts.

From Forbes, Nathan Lewis advises on investing in gold.

At TGSN, Ralph Benko highlights a museum exhibit about gold.

The American Principles Project notes its inclusion in two new books about monetary reform.

American Crossroads satirizes the President’s economic record:

At Market Watch, Howard Gold critiques Paul Krugman.
From TNR, Jonathan Cohn urges the President to stick with his tax hike/Keynesian spending message.

On Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett argues President Reagan wouldn’t lead today’s Republican Party.

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